Evan John Jones

Evan John Jones, June 2003
Photo appears by Val Jones' kind permission

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through the legacy of Robert Cochrane

Diary of a Mad Man --
by Robin the Dart

A couple of years ago, I travelled down to London [a place I hate] to pay homage to the Lindow [bog] man. Staring at the lifeless remains of this once [allegedly] priestly figure I like many, was reminded of our mortality. The frailty of the flesh. People often ask me what the difference is between the old craft, and pagans, wiccans even wiccees. To some extent it is the way we ‘shift’ after death. From life we move swiftly towards death…….

It has been 40 years and then some since the passing of Robert Cochrane into spirit, so I would like to offer this Clan tribute to him, and to John and all the Companie of Shadows…..so for what it is worth, here is an elegy to all those we have lost.

"But what is to become of the Sown Men of the Serpent's Teeth,
Those that are and those who aspire to be.
For all are One in the River of Tears.
All aspire to hold the Light,
To become righteous before the Lord,
To seek His Grace and our Redemption,
To ascend the ladder and touch His Crown.
To feel celestial virtue quicken within.
These things and more do we seek on the path of Shadows.
Yes, even to reach beyond, to She who is the Mother of all - the Void.
This is our task.
Do not then be distracted.
Hold fast to the alchemy of the heart.
This is Beauty
Be prepared to die.
This is Love
Deny the Lie.
Follow only Truth.
Sharpen your vision to that of the Serpent,
For his teeth are but few and as each of us die,
There are none to replace them.
So bitter is the loss……may ye be prepared when in death She comes.”

Grieve not, but cherish the life God gave you, spend this gift wisely and your own death will bring you to Him