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it is written in the stars,

it is written in the sea,

it is written in the blood.

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For Robert Cochrane 1931-1966 --
Od’s Man: A Dedication to the Fallen

by Shani Oates -- For the nine nights and days he hung in that liminal place, twixt death and life, on the Tree of his World, may Odhin have granted him the three gifts... --more--

Diary of a Mad Man

by Robin the Dart -- A couple of years ago, I travelled down to London [a place I hate] to pay homage to the Lindow [bog] man. --more--

Rex Nemorensis - Elegy for a Dead Witch

by Doreen Valiente -- In memorium of Robert Cochrane. 'The Rebirth of Witchcraft' {Hale 89: 136} By kind permission of John Belham-Payne, Estate authority for Ms Valiente's works at: http://www.doreenvaliente.com --more--